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Hello, I’m Robert Kolkey, founder and president of Sound Company. I first opened my store near SDSU in 1970, wanting to offer great equipment at affordable pricing. Over the past 42 years, I’ve honed my skills in choosing a selection of some of the “cream-of-the-crop” products in each category and price range. Few are household names, but they are recognized by people who do research before making a purchase, as well as by the most prestigious magazine reviewers. Google search brand names such as NAD, ARCAM, PARADIGM, B&W, SONOS, OPPO, THIEL, MONITOR AUDIO, YAMAHA, SIM AUDIO (MOON), REGA, ANALYSIS PLUS, KIMBER KABLE and NUVO for starters. Go to the big-box stores and compare their $3,000-$5,000 home theater systems with our $1,769 one…No comparison! Stop in, email us, or phone us and we will offer help, second to none, before, during and after your purchase. We will help you set things up or give you a FREE quotation for custom installation at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves on customer service. We are always there after the sale to help you when you need it. Anytime there is a problem, you can bring the equipment back to us. We will take care of it, whether it’s repairing it in or our store or sending it, on your behalf, to the best-quality repair facility available. Sincerely, Robert Kolkey

We are in the process of moving to a new location and we've got all of our demo models on sale! Stop by today or give us a call to learn more about our amazing deals!

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